Why you should work with us?

  • You will easily get ACCURATE and UPDATED reports on: opportunities and sales forecasts, the status on prospects / strategic clients, etc.
  • You make sure that existing resources are targeted to achieve company objectives, you will have DIRECT ACCES TO ANY INFORMATION YOU REQUIRE, you will know anytime what the predictions of sales are, related to business goals.
  • You will provide marketing, sales and support departments a mean of communication and collaboration for the benefit of the company.
  • CONTROL ON INFORMATION about prospects and customers - this should no longer be the agent’s personal agenda, but part of the company's heritage , totally controlled by you.
  • You will INCREASE INCOMES by optimizing the sales team activity and treating your customers in a way that will differentiate you from the competition.
  • The ABILITY TO ACCES DATA , wherever and whenever, about customers and opportunities, both in the office and in the field through your mobile app.
  • You will no longer waste time of salesmen with administrative tasks and data operation at the expense of PRODUCTIVE activities that generate value for both the company and the sales team (higher sales, higher bonus).
  • HISTORY OF INTERACTIONS with customers and prospects of the company will no longer be an unsolved mystery, depending on staff turnover.
  • Veti gestiona cu mai multa USURINTA activitatea echipei de vanzari.
  • You will increase your chances to KEEP CUSTOMERS in case of sales staff migration.
  • THE EFFECTIVENESS of the marketing actions is no longer an unknown, a black hole whose impact cannot be measured
  • You will identify the most PROFITABLE CAMPAIGNS , what kind of specific message customers resonated to, how many leads guided to sales and what is their status; you will get an environment that manages and follows the costs frame for each phase of the campaign.
  • You will have a CENTRALIZED DATABASE to study the prospects behavior and to know in which campaigns / promotions they were involved.
  • You will BE ABLE TO PLAN and TRACK graphically the campaigns and their development, both in financial terms and in execution.
  • You will receive an EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT TOOL of EVENTS .
  • You will KNOW THE PROFITABILITY OF SUPPORT ACTIVITY for customer categories and / or products.
  • AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGN support requests / complaints when receiving them, in order to know at any moment the real situation of applications, type, status and sender; information on the use of the contracted products and services, vouchers history, response timing for existing contracts, etc.
  • In every interaction you will have ACCES TO CUSTOMER HISTORY as well as acquired products / services or requested support.

The services offered by us:


Business Process Analysis

The whole process starts with the company's strategic objectives and thus their implications in the goals of different departments: marketing, sales, support, projects, etc. As such, the success of an organizational change project, in addition to the company’s management, consists also in the involvement of departmental management, as an essential part of processes integration.



Proposals for optimizing processes

Soft CRM

Based on collected information we can make a diagnosis and a proposal for workflow’s efficiency and automation that will support you in achieving your goals. If you wish to optimize your sales and marketing processes, our flexible and stable CRM software is essential to your success.



Implementing automation solutions

We propose the optimal solution to automate business processes included in the project and we provide implementation services for the automation platform (along with specific phases of implementation methodology established worldwide). This embodiment also includes historical data retrieval services that exist in the company and...



Post-implementation support

Users support services after go-live, infrastructure administration involved in the project and further development when needed.

Being a project involving organizational change, we can provide through our partners the support needed by your departments, in order to accept the change and use it for...


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Technical solutions for your company.

  • Solution for automation of reduced complexity processes, with free licenses where we have embedded specific industry and market know-how.
  • Minimal services pack to solve specific problems and optimize the price/benefits report.
  • Achieving quick benefits by upgrading activities and increasing the team professionalism.
  • You will benefit from an analysis of existing business processes and proposals on streamlining and automating them.
  • For process automation you will have access to a friendly, stable and flexible solution, specifically designed for medium companies, validated in thousands of deployments worldwide.
  • Automation platform implementation will be carried out by respecting all phases of a specific methodology established worldwide.
  • Resources for implementing global solutions used by large international companies (SAP, Microsoft).
  • "One stop shop" for integrated projects involving a complex IT infrastructure.
  • Integrated change management approach within the organization throughout collaboration with powerful consulting and leadership companies.

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