We are a team of professionals

  • We are a team of professionals that know how to automate and optimize sales processes. Here we will save you of frustrating manual activities without added value.
  • We know how to provide you any kind of accurate and timely reports.
  • We know that you want access to mobile data and we provide you that.
  • We know that you want more time for what is really valuable to you and we can help you get it.
  • We do our work well structured, following defined steps. Just try and we promise it will not be a waste of time!

We are not a large corporation, we are a medium-sized company and we know the problems of our kind.

  • We don’t have solutions ready in few hours, installed on the ” Next – > Next- > Finish” model. We tailor solutions to the specific of your company, in order to optimize your processes.
  • We are not robots; we are people whom like you, combine reason with emotions.
  • We are not perfect but we offer products that are close to perfection. We are not perfect because:
  • we can be insistent due to our desire to discuss and understand what you want
  • we persist in respecting the implementation methodology
  • Oh..! And we wish only successful projects. That’s what we wish you too!
  • That’s all we are going to say about us, we want to prove the rest! Rather than bore you with too many details, we prefer to discuss only those relevant for you. Together we can build a better tomorrow!


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As a growing company with a more and more complex activity and a growing number of clients, we felt the need of implementing a CRM solution. We stopped at CAS CRM solution.

Alexandru Selaru


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I admire and respect the knowledge of Ioana Razvan in the area of CRM solutions and the expectations of mid-level companies from such technology. Ioana has the ability to expose things logically and analytically, inspires confidence and professionalism, and last but not least, she proved honesty and openness during our collaboration. Having the ability to be empathetic she can easily understand the requirements of a project

Ion Tudor

CTO, Pointer Systems

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