What seemed to be the eternal conflict between the marketing, sales and support departments is no longer an issue.

Which company would rather lose sales opportunities because sales and marketing departments fail to communicate?

Who longer affords to lose customers because sales, tech and support cannot convey the necessary information in time?

A XRM solution manages relationships between any type of entities allowing communication and information exchange between departments.

We are experts in implementing XRM / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, allowing all departments involved to share information about customer in a history file (dossier) of each client. A CRM solution will allow traceability of each customer relationship, from opportunity stage, to post sales and support applications. In this way, the activity of each department will be visible and the impact on company results will be properly evaluated.

Business Process Analysis

The whole process starts with the company's strategic objectives and thus their implications in the goals of different departments: marketing, sales, support, projects, etc. As such, the success of an organizational change project, in addition to the company’s management, consists also in the involvement of departmental management, as an essential part of processes integration.

Proposals for optimizing processes

Based on collected information we can make a diagnosis and a proposal for workflow’s efficiency and automation that will support you in achieving your goals. If you wish to optimize your sales and marketing processes, our flexible and stable CRM software is essential to your success

Implementing automation solutions

We propose the optimal solution to automate business processes included in the project and we provide implementation services for the automation platform (along with specific phases of implementation methodology established worldwide). This embodiment also includes historical data retrieval services that exist in the company and

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