Production - Offers and price quotations that meet the real costs

An integrated platform will allow automating many types of processes in the food industry: processes that concern interaction with customers, distributors and suppliers, but also maintenance management of fixed assets used in production activity (asset management). A system that automates interactions with various entities is necessary to integrate with the system managing heritage movements (so called ERP software or management software). This integration will provide the basis for all departments to work in a centralized manner and to have access to a single database where the information is consistent.

Key benefits:

Auto - A CRM solution is essential for professional management

Car dealers are facing the problem of profitability, incomes in car sales fell heavily, the main source of profitability being the activity of service and sale of spare parts. From the way this activity carries out may result a series of differentiation factors that may influence the buyer. A CRM solution is essential for professional management of (...)

Commerce and Distribution - Trade company processes must be fully integrated

Trade and distribution company processes must be fully integrated, from the time of sales opportunities identification to documents certifying delivery. Otherwise, there is a great risk to lose important opportunities, either because of human error or due to data loss in transfers between resource management applications. Whether working in direct (...)

Energy and utilities CRM Software. Companies will use an energy-trading platform.

In addition to a centralized database of clients and potential clients, companies in the energy industry, must manage specific technical information. Many companies in this area will use an energy-trading platform, which the CRM system must be able to integrate. The sales department should have access to a specific configurator for energy sales con (...)

Service Providers - It is essential to define and identify different customer categories

Whether we are talking about professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, architects), or suppliers of any other service, they need to form a database of prospects and clients to use in an integrated and structured way in order to generate sales opportunities. It is essential to define and identify different customer categories in order to (...)

IT - The CRM solution will enable resource management

IT products and services providers may be assisted by CRM across their entire activity: from promotion and sale, to project management and support. The CRM solution will enable resource management, execution time recording and consumed resources. Having centralized data, support department employees may access customer history and other data releva (...)

Insurance CRM software. Cras Melior offers CRM systems for insurance companies.

Insurance companies, including brokers, are based both on recommendations made by existing customers, and on the addition of added-value service packages to attract new customers. Managing a growing number of clients, often providing customized packages for corporate clients, managing reimbursement requests ask for a professional CRM system that op (...)

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